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Decopus Soft Tile Peel and Stick Backsplash (LNG Emperador Marble Brown Beige 5pc/Pack) 12'' x12''x0.1''

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3D Gel Soft Tile Backsplash Peel and Stick for Kitchen, Bathroom, Wall Accents. 12in x 12 x0.1inch thick, 5pc/pack
Marble Carrara Black White Grey Long Strip shape Mixed with PU Crystal Gel on Surface, Soft and Flex Sheet (1sq feet per sheet)
Self Adhesive Marble Tile, Soft, Easy Cut, Strong Glue,  DIY installatoin for Interior Wall, Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom, Shower Room
Durable, Safe, and Enviromental Friendly PET material (humidity proof, shatter proof, recyclable) 
Water Proof, Heat Resistant, Wipe to Clean, Gas and Moisture Barrier

Pleaes be aware your order will be sending from Asia, and it takes 3-4 weeks. We will notify you when the product arrive your country and ready for local deliver!!

Decopus Self-adhesive 3D Gel MarbleTile, made of PET as base, PU gel on surface to add the 3D concave effect. Both materials are reliable and safe, yet environment recyclable material. It allows you to self-match a high class, profession look interior wall for less. Decopus specialized 10+ years in wall decoration, and cabinet decoration.</b><br> <b>Product Features:</b><br><br> <b>Fashioned High-Class Feel & Touch</b><br> Its Viivid stone design, render a natural and tranquit feel to any wall, cabinet or table tops.  Adding with crytal clean PU gel on any of its shape, it vitalized the 2D graphic into 3D feel and touch.<br> Its natural metal color: silver, reddish bronze, yellowish Coffee.Hazel.Brown, gray chrome..., harmonizes with other room accents and wallpapers. <br><br> <b>Widely Used in DIY Decoration</b><br> This Soft Marble Tile is used widely for house decoration: kitchen backsplash, bathroom, wall accent, cabinet doors.<br> Its standard and cut-size, easy cutting, and fixing allow everyone to make up his own wall pattern, self-matching design, and complete in hours.<br><br> <b>Simply "Peel & Stick" on any Clean and Smooth Surface</b><br> Simply peel off the backing stickers then stick it on any clean, flat smooth surface with NO wet glue, NON-cement. Cutting as easy as a thin plywood, with NO heavy tools. So you can save your time and money on labor. Glue is strong and long-lasting.<br><br> <b>Easy to Clean, Safe and Durable</b><br> The high quality printing promise no color fading, anti dust and splash. <br> On its PU Gel surface, grease can be just wipe-n-clean easily. ThePU Gel is heat resistant, and waterproof.<br><br> <b>Cutting and Installation</b><br> Easy to cut tiles, don't require spacers or grout. Tiles bend to create perfect corners with less cutting and no wasted offcuts.<br> If there is a need to cut to fit in, use a utility knife, just following the seam between the individual pieces. But if you need to cut through the pieces, please use the:<br> - scissors, unity knift (recommended)<br>