Decopsu Metal Subway Tile Backsplash Peel and Stick (Retangle Silver, Rotary Abrased 5pc/Pack) for Kitchen Bathroom Wall Accent 15in x 12in 1.6in Thick, Self Adhesive Metal Tile

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  • Metal Subway Tile Backsplash Peel and Stick for Kitchen, Bathroom, Wall Accent DIY Decoration (15''x12''x 0.16''thick, 5pc)
  • Color: Silver Rotary Abrased. The Metallic color reflects various shapes of from different angles; Matte Finished, Aluminium Abrased Artfully; See Vedio for the actual looks-n-feels
  • Cut in Rectangle 75*150mm, Each Edge Bevelled, Aluminum Surface, Non-fading Color plus Durable Fire-retardant Composite Core, Long lasting Glude
  • Dry Installation; Easy Cut; No Thin-set Backing; No Finishing Grout, No Chaos
  • Easy to Clean, Anti-Scratch, Water Proof, Heat-retardant, Anti Cracking, Anti Impact
  • Metal Surface, Matte Finish, Circular Abrasion Touch

    The outstanding metal that provides style and distinction. Premium look for less cost.

    Color: Metal Silver

    Modelled color based on aluminum, a classic blend that lasts centuries, adding tone-low gloss turning warm feeling whiilst keeping active flare of metal.

    Chip Size: Rectangle chips in 75*150mm size, all size Belveled. 8 chips made up one Tile (15'x12'), aligned in Girder-shaped with gray grout (2mm). Bevelled Edge Best fit size display the veins and pores of the stone.,and the geometry gives full-rounded harmony to your spaces.

    Peel and Stick: Easy to install, DIY Decoration

    Decopus Tile - Metal Subway Tile Silver, Bevelled Edge, Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash