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Decopus Metal Tile Peel and Stick (Hexagon Copper Matte 12 x12'', 1.6'' Thick) Adhesive

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About this item

  • Metal Mosaic Tile Backsplash Self Adhesive for Wall Coverings, DIY Decals (Hexagon Chips, 12''x12''x 0.16' per sheet,' 4mm thick, 5pc/Pack)
  • 💢 Color: Bronze, Copper Gold colored on Aluminium, Matte Finished, Abrased Metallic, Cut in Hexagon Chips, Llights shinining from difference angle difference angle
  • 💢 Use: Decoration of Kitchen Backsplash, Fireplace, Mirror, Cabinet Door, Countertops, Bathroom, Wall, Camper, Caravan, Motor Home, Brown Copper looked
  • 💢 Installation: Peel and Stick, Stick on Copper tiles; Self Adhesive on Dry Wall of Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Wall. Easy to Clean, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dirt, Water Proof, Heat-retardant, Non Toxic,
  • 💢 Cutting It is The 4mm composite material. Cutting with utility knife on surface then bend and crack from the back, or cut with a sew blade. . Buy one 1pc-Sample before buying in bulk


Decopus Self-adhesive Metal Tile, with Copper, Silver, Chrome, Charcol, Beige Colors

Made of Aluminium on surface, laminated with high graded PC, its metallic finishes, shinny colors gives your kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, and cabinet a premium, DIY self-match for less cost.

Its metallic surface and dedicated finishes: horizontal brush, snowflake drops, circular polish adds a luxury touch to your wall. Various metal color: silver, reddish bronze, yellowish copper, gray chrome, beige..., harmonizes with other room accents and wallpapers.

Decopus specialise in Design, Printing, Surface Treatment, Manufacturing of wall decoration, converings for cabinet , door, windows for 10+ years. Welcome for co-operation or product customization and OEM design.


Hexagon Brown, Copper, Mute Gold Metal Tile

Design Aspect

Metal Surface, Matte Finish, Circular Abrasion Touch

The outstanding metal that provides style and distinction. Premium look for less cost.

Brown + Copper + Mute Gold

Modelled color based on aluminum, a classic blend that lasts centuries, adding tone-low gloss turning warm feeling whiilst keeping active flare of metal.

Hexagon in 32mm width, best fit size display the veins and pores of the stone.,and the geometry gives full-rounded harmony to your spaces.