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Decopus Peel and Stick Metal Tile Backsplash (IS50 Copper Matte) for Kitchen Bathroom, Metal Tiles, Wall Accents. 12in x 12in. 4mm thick, Stick On

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Decopus Peel and Stick Metal Tile Backsplash (IS50 Copper Matte 1pc) for Kitchen Bathroom, Metal Tiles, Wall Accents. 12in x 12in. 4mm thick, Stick On Copper Wall Tile
Metal Tile Backsplash Self Adhesive for Kitchen, Bathroom, Wall Accent DIY Decoration (12''x12''x 1.6''thick, 5pc)
Copper Colored Metal, Matte Finished,  Aluminium Abrased Artfully, Cut in Tinny Square Chips 1'', 3mm PC Sandwich, Strong Glue Backing
Double-sided Aluminum 100% Non-fading Color plus Durable Fire-retardant Composite Core, Long lasting Glude
Dry Installation; Easy Cut; No Thin-set Backing; No Finishing Grout, No Chaos
Easy to Clean, Anti-Scratch, Anti-bacteria, Water Proof, Heat-retardant, Non Toxic, 

Pleaes be aware your order will be sending from Asia, and it takes 3-4 weeks. We will notify you when the product arrive your country and ready for local delive

Decopus Self-adhesive Metal Tile, made of Aluminium Composite, which has been using for interior decoration for over 20 years. It allows you to self-match a high class, profession look interior wall for less. Decopus specialized 10+ years in wall decoration, and cabinet decoration.

Fashioned High-Class Feel-n-Touch. Its metallic surface and dedicated finishes: horizontal brush, snow flake drops, circular polish adds a luxury touch to your wall. Light Weight, Safe, Easy-to-Open Packing There are 5 sheets (12x 12 inch each), covers 5 feets, weight 4.2 pounds, packed in a corrugate box with foam bag protection covering 5 square feet. Its natural metal color: silver, reddish bronze, yellowish copper, gray chrome..., harmonizes with other room accents and wall papers. Widely Used in DIY Decoration  This aluminum tile is used widely for house decoration:: kitchen backsplash, bathroom, wall accent, cabinet doors. Its standard and cut-size, easy cutting, drilling, and fixing allows everyone to make up his own wall pattern, self-matching design, and complete in hours. Simply "Peel & Stick" on any Clean and Smooth Surface Simply peel off the backing stickers then stick it on any clean, flat smooth surface with NO wet glue, NON cement. Cutting as easy as a thin plywood, with NO heavy tools. So you can save your time and money on labor. Glue is strong, and long lasting. Easy to Clean,Safe, and Durable The REAL aluminium promise no color fading, anti-scratch and splash. On its metal surface, grease can be just wipe-n-clean easily. The Aluminium composite is fire retardant and water proof.