About Decopus Decor

“Decopus International Technology”  [Technology and Design] develops and design a series of State-of-Art decorative materials on PVC/PET films, Acrylics, Aluminum Sheets, Glass Panel, based on a proprietary 3D treatment technology. These material has been using on a wide variety of finished product, including: interior decoration materials, outer-case of electronic appliances, cell-phone protective case and etc.  

[Industrial UseThe patented “3D-motion” technology, has been providing tailor-made design with brands e.g. Greece Air-conditioner,Meidi Purifier, Haier Air-Conditioner, Maotai Wines and etc. Moreover, DIT Platform is continuously partnering with other industry leaders in applying 3D-motion on a variety of merchandises which sell to all over the walk.

[Marketing and Distribution] On the other hand Embracing its 10years+ international marketing experience, DIT Platform owns a sales network throughout China, and over 28 countries. With all these end-to-end supply chain advantage, Decopus develops its brands, and finished product - Glass Tile, Mosaic, Listello, Acrylic Sheet, and Alu-Composite Panel.

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